Tired Pony


World Cup at Beaufort House

Elephants in London

This one is just off of duke of york square. You text a message to donate to charity… Good usage of mobile cta!

Missionary CEOs vs Mercenary CEOs

I think this has been one of the most helpful little videos for me as I think through my next steps. Balancing between these two was one of the tasks I faced at Martini – it tends to be an industry that drives you to the mercenary side vs the missionary side. Those that can maintain a missionary attitude in the space have my utmost respect. Thanks Larry Cheng for finding it!

Cliff Lede

I’ve always really liked the Cliff Lede winery courtyard. I think if I ever need to design a courtyard, the flat fountain and packed sand and pergola is perfect.

catching up.

Catching up on Dakar http://ping.fm/gRQ0L