Been awhile since I posted, but it’s been quite busy here at Xfire. A couple things of note over the past 2 weeks:

  • New Xfire release is out. One cool feature is the new LAN Server Browser.  Our friends over at 20ID were recently in town (winning the CAL championship, by the way – congrats!) and pointed out that Xfire could be very useful at these tournaments and LAN events by simply detecting what servers were available on a local network, rather than only looking at Xfire’s master server list. Now, when you hit your local LAN center, check if they have Xfire installed (most do). You can hit the Servers tab and see what servers people around you are on. Easier than ever.
  • We also just launched our new Xfire Store. We’ve had tons of requests for Xfire shirts, hats, whatever – some way to show off the love of Xfire. Well, over the past few weeks we’ve been building up a cool new store with Func Industries. Right now we’ve only got a few products – couple t-shirts, a hat, and mousepads – but you can use Func’s nifty flash tool to completely customize your mousepad. They’ll print it out on their industrial printing machines and send it to you within a few weeks. These aren’t the crappy foam mousepads that you can print photos on at Walgreens – these are professional, high quality mousepads that the pro gamers are using to win. So go customize one! We’ll be adding more new shirts, sweatshirts, and cool stuff over time. Got a suggestion for a cool product or design? Contact me.

There’s a bunch of other new stuff, including new games, in this release, which you can find out about in the release notes. Enjoy!



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