MTV Video Music Awards

This is the first year that MTV has added game music to the Video Music Awards (VMAs). As part of that, they’ve asked us and Gametrailers, our fellow MTV gaming site, to hold a vote in our respective communities. The results of that voting will help determine which of the finalists will eventually with the VMA. The vote runs until August 28th, and you’ll be able to see the final winners on MTV’s Overdrive on August 31st. (You can access Overdrive through, under “Games”.)

There’s been some posts in the forum asking how the finalists were chosen, or why so-and-so’s favorite game wasn’t chosen, or that this or that game’s music is crap, etc etc. The short answer is – those are the finalists. You may not agree with why some game was left out, but those are the ones that the MTV gaming folks decided on. So maybe your favorite’s not there, but get out there and vote anyway! Here’s why.

The long answer is that this is the first time MTV has done this. So it’s entirely uncharted territory. So if they run this vote and we get 50 votes for the winner, chances are that next year they won’t be bothering to do the vote at all. On the other hand, if we rally together, get your friends to swing by and vote, and get up to tens of thousands of votes – then suddenly this community is a pretty serious force to be reckoned with. So that when MTV is looking for gaming advice in the future, they’ll know where to come – right to the source of the world gaming community, you all.

So get going, and let your voice be heard 🙂



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