Tesla Motors

I’ve read an article or two about this company, but hadn’t had a chance to dig through their website yet. Very cool. While I’ve never been one for jumping up and down over electric vehicles (I like my combustion too much – it can be hydrogen combustion, but still combustion), it’s more the principle with which they’re approaching this industry. The website actually feels like it’s been built by people who know what makes a good website (rather than the overwhelming flash-filled but really insubstantial websites typically deployed by American car companies). And a real blog, direct from the CEO? I’m hoping this infusion of Northern Californian culture into the auto industry can not only spark growth in these entrepreneurial automotive ventures (I know of at least one other, founded by a former employee of Tesla – anyone know of more?), but hopefully influence auto design and manufacturing more widely. At worst – hopefully someone will crank out some hot little autocrossers. Can you imagine what a flow of venture capital and intense competition around the Bay area could do for grassroots motorsport?

What do you think? Think there’s a chance of a legitimate entrepreneurial car industry sprouting up around here?


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  1. Darren Says:

    Yeah, I know someone who works at Tesla Motors… And I saw one of the pre-production prototypes stopped on the side of Santa Cruz Ave in Menlo Park — It looks much better in person!

    I don’t think pure electric cars are going to really catch on until they can find a way to instantaneously charge batteries — Someone has developed a prototype using new nano and old capacator technology… I’ll send you the article sometime if I can find it again…

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